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Inspired Eco-friendly House in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia

The Leura House, designed by celebrated Australian architect James Stockwell, is a modern home inspired by the age-old geology of Sydney’s Blue Mountain area; celebrating sleek modernism and simple minimalism in its form and functions. This meeting of opposite eras has ushered in a new age of architecture – one that has won Stockwell the 2008 Wilkinson Award, the prestigious architectural award presented by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. The open-concept design is devoid of thresholds and boundaries, both between rooms and separating indoors form out. Doors are hidden from view. “Walls aren’t wholly devoted to enclosing space but to create pauses in a larger journey.” Fashion aside, this contemporary house main focus is definitely function – designed to accommodate the owners, their children and 12 grandchildren. Eco-friendly design was also a key consideration for Stockwell, who incorporated smart and sustainable features like “rammed earth” walls for insulation; passive heating and cooling methods backed up by hydronic heating and cooling; as well as the home’s ability to product its own energy and function off the grid. James Stockwell
via Inhabitat
leura house 1 Inspired Eco friendly House in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia
leura house 2 Inspired Eco friendly House in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia




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