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HydroChromotherapy Shower Hidrocrom from Ramon Soler – a private bathroom paradise

This revolutionary HydroChromotherapy shower from Ramon Soler offers health and wellness benefits through water, sound, light and color. Amazingly, the streamlined Hidrocrom also saves water, giving its full range of programmes with a flow of just 12 litres/minute at 3 bar (high pressure). Three chromotherapy programmes, each lasting less than 2 minutes can be repeated as often as you like to gain maximum benefit. For example, ‘Wellness’ focuses on general balance and well-being, ‘Anti-Aging’ is revitalising and most recommended before a busy day, and finally, ‘Play Bath’ orders the colors according to the rainbow to increase our natural sense of optimism. In dark winter months it is important to get enough light, and Hidrocrom replenishes depleted stocks during part of your daily routine. You can also simply pick one color and enjoy the warm color spectrum to stimulate and the cool spectrum to slow us down. The smart touch pad of the remote control makes the Hidrocrom from Ramon Soler so easy to operate and a pleasure to have in the home.



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