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House with Vertical Garden Facade

When Robert Maschke Architects Inc. designed this green, grassy garden house here in Bay Village, Ohio, not only were they were inspired by the surroundings, but they actually created a natural house design that became part of them. The Brahler Residence takes shape as an artful slope house plan, situated on this sweet site that rolls down to a brook running through the center of the property. The clearing is surrounded by thick forest that provides privacy from the street and a lovely, lush backdrop for the leafy home. The clients wished for a new design that still respected the original rustic house style, and the architects delivered. Here’s how they did it.

With its foliage facade, this green house virtually disappears into its surroundings – an awesome feature that brings privacy to the homeowners while respecting the site’s natural characteristics.
The homeowners wanted to maintain the home’s original century-old shake-clad charm while transforming interiors into light-filled, open and airy spaces. The architects added a new master suite, gallery and outdoor entertaining areas that add space – and style! – to the original home.
The exterior stairs lead you down to a living area that, though below grade, is as bright and airy as they come! The outdoor stairwell leads you to an outdoor living room and a large sliding glass wall that welcomes you to the den. The exposed brick wall works its way from outside in. The outdoor and indoor furnishings are all in white, creating a seamless transition from outside in. We love the touch of the green rug underfoot, which echoes grass in its color and texture.
The wonderful striped wood stairs lead you up to a glass enclosed upper level and beyond it, a full glass wall that blurs the boundary between indoors and out. The space is warm and rich, with its organic material palette and lush views of nature.

Clerestory windows offer natural illumination without compromising privacy.
Glass interior walls help the natural flow of light and air. The new master suite features a frosted glass wall that lends it privacy while letting light flow unimpeded. A clear glass wall separates master bedroom and ensuite.

The bathroom immediately strikes you with a dramatic wood wall that separates the bathing and sleeping areas without total disconnection of the spaces. To one side, a massive marble tub abuts a fully glazed wall overlooking the garden. The stepped marble creates a beautiful spot to sit and reflect.
On the other side of the wood wall, the bedroom boasts the continuation of the glass wall, which follows the angled roofline.
You may wonder about privacy for the bed and bath with these great glass walls… But any fears are quelled when they’re viewed from outside – high enough to prevent peeking, and take advantage of the views.
When illuminated from within, you can really appreciate the home’s modern shape, highlighted by its windows – literally.
Site and floor plans:
And here’s how this house came together, piece by piece:
Robert Maschke Architects Inc.


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