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House With Lowering Decks Opens to Outdoors

One of the coolest features of this peek-a-boo house, designed by New Zealand architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan, is the one that folds away. Wood is the main material used, both inside and out, following traditional New Zealand home styles. This house features a simple, rectangular floor plan with a flat roof – nothing to write home about, you might think. But hold that thought – a mechanism allows the decks to raise and lower, opening up the interiors to the stunning views of nature and the waterfront.

Thanks to the hinged decks, the main living area becomes an alfresco hotspot, facing north to make the most of the sun’s natural light and warmth.
The bedrooms remain closed off, providing privacy and a cool environment to crash. The bathroom offers the option of full privacy when needed, or throw that notion out the window, so to speak, and open the walls to take the ritual of showering, bathing, primping and prepping into the great outdoors.
A striking fireplace feature in the living room is an instant focal point, adding ambiance while heating up this small house to allow for year-round use. And if the views and outdoors, literally just steps away, aren’t earthy enough for you, raw timber finishes the home and further connects it to nature.
Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects
via Arch Daily


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