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Heart-shaped whirlpool bath from Vita Bath – Le Magnifique therapeutic corner whirlpool

A luxurious decadent bath to share, Vita heart-shaped whirlpool bath Le Magnifique creates the perfect haven for relaxing with that special someone. The heart-shaped corner bath features two comfortable alcoves to recline in whilst the whirlpool jets massage your cares and worries away. Le Magnifique whirlpool bath transforms the bathroom from a room of function to a shared space that allows intimacy and quality time without distraction. Suddenly the bathroom becomes the heart of your home. Features include an in-line heater, Spectra-Glo, a Tranquillity Waterfall, Turbo-Charged Induction, VitAroma/Champagne Air and 16 jets in four styles; Adjust-a-flow, Cluster, RotoSwirl, and Vitassage. With technical excellence, Vita Bath bring a luxury you can share. Available for $7,450, the Le Magnifique whirlpool also has an optional curvy skirt with an integrated step.



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