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Hansgrohe Metris Faucet Line – new 5 eco-friendly faucet designs

The new Hansgrohe Metris line has these 5 eco-friendly faucet designs that are definitely worth a test drive, if not for their looks than for their luxury. The Metris faucet line is all about “finding your personal comfort zone” which is easy when you have five different heights to choose from. The Metris 260, 230, 200, 110 and 100 models range in height from the high-spout design that lets you fill a tall vase or jug with ease, to the small-but-sweet classic ideal for hand-washing. Whatever your daily primp and prep routine, from brushing your teeth to shaving and even washing your hair in the sink, the height allows for plenty of space to maneuver. In the kitchen and in the bathroom, this faucet is ultra-functional. To top it off, this versatile faucet is also eco-friendly! The EcoSmart technology automatically regulates water consumption to a maximum 5 liters per minute and reduces energy consumption by 60%. More info is available by visiting Hansgrohe.



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