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Charming decorating ideas filled with greenery

Plants- nature’s way of bringing beauty, cleaning the air, and revitalizing your aura at once. Those of us who have a love of nature, know how important and charming house plants can be. Especially when it comes to creating a color-coordinated space that makes the room feel airy and fresh every time. Here are updated home decorating ideas with plants that will not only delight you but make you want to embrace nature in every corner of your home.

One Corner Plant

Even if your room is filled with fun decorative pieces, a single plant can make a world of a difference instantly.

If you are new to the love of nature, and everything plant-related you might not want to immerse yourself in the idea of having a plant haven. Therefore, one single plant will do. The key is to place it in an awkward corner and having it filter your air seamlessly. Furthermore, work with larger set plants to fully take over that awkward corner without changing your décor or taking away from what you already have.


Use colorful orchids are the perfect statement, that embraces the room while still making it feel charming and put together

When you find yourself searching for a plant that is easy on the eye, adds color and texture, you want to remember that green isn’t the only color available to you. Plants come in a multitude of hues, making them perfect for those that want to add a unique color scheme, or even want to display a touch of femininity throughout. One plant that is perfect to do just that is orchards. Orchids are great due to coming in an array of shades while having a natural charm to them, almost as if the colors washout from the middle and come darker for a gradual ombre effect.

Cut Blooms

Use blooms that are similar in color yet have a unique texture to them to fully make the space come to life. It’s all about embracing the space.

Having a coffee table is one of those items that makes your living room feel complete, but it can also feel as if it is lacking something. That something could be color. For an added dose of color cut blooms that speak to you, put them in a round vase and enjoy the freshness they bring. The key to having this display is making sure you always have a fresh set of blooms on your table, you never want to have dying plants as that takes away from the beauty they naturally bring.


Having succulents is perfect for those that want to add plants and make the room feel chic without taking away from your decor.

Let’s face it, not all of us have green thumbs many will say they kill every plant they touch. If that is the case, it’s time to consider low maintenance plants such as succulents. Succulents are perfect for low maintenance as you barely need to water them, they don’t need a whole lot of sunlight and they are kind of small in size so you can cluster them together wherever you see fit. Furthermore, most of them come in chic pots which add a hint of personality right where you need it most.

Hanging Wall

Use cute planters to make the room come to life with the plants you have hanging in the room

If you’re interested in creating a bold appeal and bring that instant charm to your living room, its time to consider having a plant hanging wall. Hanging plants on the wall of any room will instantly reawaken the room. If you truly want to get creative, consider planting herbs and hanging them creating an instant herb garden that’s indoors. Subsequently, it enables you to have cooking and remedy herbs at your disposal at any given time. It’s the perfect win-win for all.

Decorate a Bar Cart

Use different plants on your cart to embrace the room overall.

Plants are so soft and delicate having them clustered together makes the room feel fresh and chic. If you don’t have the space to bring in a few plants together, yet wish to do so, consider decorating a bar cart. Doing so is the perfect excuse to have such a statement element that doesn’t overcrowd the room or even feel overwhelming next to your décor. Add different size plants, to the bar cart to reawaken the space with the freshness plants are known for.

Fake it, till you make it

Having fake plants will ensure you get the beauty you want without having to constantly take care of your plants

If you’re allergic to plants, or would rather not take care of them, consider fake ones. Yeah, they might not be as charming as real ones, and they might not have the same appeal, but they sure do look great in any space. Fake plants are great when you want to add greenery without the responsibility. Furthermore, they’re perfect for the bathroom that needs a little extra love and care.

Indoor Palm Trees

The bigger the palm tree the more room you need for it.

Who knew palm trees could work inside of the home? If you have always loved the idea and look of a palm tree but couldn’t figure out how to have them, it’s time to place a few in a well-lit room and fall in love with the idea of them all over again. The key is having them in a room that is well lit with natural lighting. Additionally, you want to purchase small ones so that they grow at a steady pace and impact the room as they emerge from their pots.

Hang them

The best part of hanging plants is you get to create a chic space that makes the room come to life.

While you know we love the idea of a hanging plant wall, we also love the idea of hanging plants from the ceiling and enjoying every bit of it. You want to hang multiple ones and place them at different lengths. It’s all about having them appeal to the room’s nature size while still breaking from corners down and bringing life to them. Consider having your plants in areas that would typically feel too small or even empty. Bring in larger plants and place them in the center for the perfect touch of contrast.

Bring it to the Kitchen

Label your plants so you know exactly what you are planting and how they will grow. Keep note of their growth for the perfect appeal.

There is no better place to having plants in quite like the kitchen. The kitchen provides enough humidity, sunlight, and appeal where you can have all of your plants and they can flourish without taking over the space. Furthermore, you might want to bring essential herbs such as cilantro, basil, rosemary, or even chives. These are primitive for cooking and make your space feel ready for a meal every time.

When it comes to decorating with plants it’s all about having the texture and using bits that make sense to the room in general. Furthermore, it makes any room come to life. Which of these ideas are you most interested to try? Share with us your ideas below.


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