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Simple Rectangular House Design

glass walled hilltop house with private wooden upper volume 1 angle facade thumb 630xauto 34333 Simple Rectangular House Design

Located on top of a hill in the Bavarian town of Hochbuch, this intelligent design by K_M Architektur blends modern geometry with the warmth of a family home, both inside and out. The dwelling is divided into two major sections, one on each floor, with the public spaces below featuring full glass walls and panoramic views of the countryside. Up top, the private rooms of each resident take a more conservative approach to window area, with smart solutions employed to isolate the interior from the gazes of curious passerby. This upper level features full wood paneling on its exterior walls and decks, warming up the glass-and-metal combination that dominates elsewhere. Inside, a similar theme shows itself, with greyscale appointments punctuated by warm touches and a constant flow of the natural wood tones of the floorboard underneath the homeowners’ feet. This well-assembled dichotomy leads to a residence that is at once starkly contemporary and comfortably inviting.

glass walled hilltop house with private wooden upper volume 2 from below thumb 630xauto 34339 Simple Rectangular House Design

The lower rooms of the house take up significantly less floorspace than those above them, giving the upper level the appearance of floating over the public space beneath it. The upper floor’s largest windows are on edges overlooking the hillside, whereas the road-facing side of the dwelling has wooden walls and railings obscuring the view inward.


A deck cut into the front of the house allows the bedrooms to obtain natural light and mingle with outdoor space, while the ceiling overhang and solid railing keep prying eyes out. Therefore, every major room of the top floor contains a large bank of windows with privacy considerations still intact.


While most of the decks and other built-in outdoor spaces of the residence are fully encapsulated in loosely-spaced wood paneling, the interior rooms rely on a more varied mix of materials. Flooring is still wood (though a smoother, interior-suited finish), but most walls are covered in pure white paint or floor-to-ceiling window sections.


Decor inside is focused on uncluttered, invitingly warm furnishings and minimally geometric installations, such as the living room’s central fireplace. Most accent pieces lie somewhere along the scale from white to black, while others integrate further warm wood tones.
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