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Geometric House Design in China makes room for trees

The Waterville Golf Resort in the Lijiang, Yunan Province in China sets the stage for the unusual geometric house design, the Treehouse, that serves as the gorgeous guesthouse at this golf resort. Boasting panoramic views of the lake with snow-capped mountains looming in the background, the pristine location is surpassed only by the wonderful work of HHF Architects. The treehouse design doesn’t present itself in the traditional sense, but on touring the house it’s quickly apparent that no other name would be as suitable. Partially cantilevered over the lake, the geometric design boasts two levels of luxury organized in a series of pentagonal volumes that come together is a skewed honeycomb formation. According to HHF Architects, the pentagonal pattern “is interesting, as there is no possibility of creating an infinite addition of pentagons without having leftovers. These leftovers are essential in our concept: they’re creating interesting light situations, linking the interior to the existing nature and integrating the existing trees into the house (within the resulting courtyards). Like leafs are creating a space underneath a tree, light and shadow are becoming fundamental elements creating different qualities of space in the treehouse.” This layout results in rooms that offer privacy but remain open to one another while allowing natural light to filter through the entire space. A living room frames views of the water, with a more private dining room and library tucked in the back. This prevailing pentagon pattern echoes in the home’s detailed wood shutters. The structure’s exterior and interior are clad in a soft-looking concrete constructed of bamboo boarding. Wood continues as a major player in this cool design, cladding the floors, terraces, windows and blinds. The grass-covered roof further solidifies the home’s connection to nature. HHF Architects.



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