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Fall in Love with these Dreamy backyard ideas

Whether you have a tiny or a huge backyard, making it into a dreamy, oasis where you can escape after a long day of work is one of the main perks of owning your own residence. To help you fall in love with creating a new and upgraded backyard, we have put together 10 dreamy backyard ideas that are sure to make you fall in love with your décor.

Whimsical Dining Area

If you want to bring a middle eastern touch to your whimsical space, consider adding throw pillows as seating. Not only will you be more comfortable but the room will feel grander.

If you have a large tree in your backyard take advantage of it by adding a whimsical table and chair area, that allows the space to feel as natural as possible. You want your table and chair to flow with your outdoor décor as much as possible.

Add a Roof

The magic of adding a roof is unlike anything else its amazingly simply while being chic and charming think of it as a form of bringing something new to the area while being chic.

Adding a roof might not seem like the thing to do since you are outdoors, and you will want to take full advance of the light from the great outdoors. A wooden cover will keep the sun out while allowing some of it to come in, creating a beautiful effect that keeps the space cool while still being chic.

Fire Pit

Add a few chairs surrounding your fire pit to help enhance the welcoming feel of your backyard. Your guests should feel welcomed while being a part of your fire pit space.

When it comes to relaxation nothing can beat a fire pit. Fire pits are the epitome of fun and cozy. You might even want to consider them one of a kind as you can customize your fire pit to fit the size of your backyard while allowing it to flow with your personal aesthetics as well.

Outdoor Shower

Give your outdoor shower its own private area for a softer, almost vacation-like feel. The idea is to have a signature piece that evolves with whatever decor you might have.

If you really want to give your home a vacation vibe add an outdoor shower. An outdoor shower is not only versatile, but it’s quite useful add a different flooring to this area to bring that resort feel right to your home. You want to create a distinction between what you already have and your outdoor shower for a more private feel.

Add a Fountain

Consider blending your fountain with your landscape and surrounding plants for an integrated look and feel.

Asian customs tend to believe having running water brings luck and prosperity to the home- doesn’t it sound like something we should all have? In our opinion, yes! That is where an outdoor fountain will come in handy. Add a chic outdoor fountain and display it as part of your décor for a beautiful pairing that blends in with your décor while giving you a mystical vibe.


Add colorful throw pillows into your modern display to enhance your overall feel of the room. The idea is to have a modern twist overall.

We love modern décor even as part of the great outdoors. Pair all-weather chairs with simple cushions and a few lanterns to give your home that modern vibe that is classic and will work with whatever color palette you might already have.

Pops of Color

When going for a pop of color select hues that are bold and daring with hints of pattern. The contrasting hues blended in with the pattern will make a huge difference in the way the decor is displayed.

Adding pops of color should already be part of your décor but if it is not, it is time to start! Pops of color work exceptionally well when you want to bring the beautiful colors and textures from the outdoors directly to your decorating style.

Lounge Effects

When displaying lounge chairs, consider adding umbrellas to give you additional shade for an even further relaxing feel. Give your decor color with a few throw blankets.

Your outdoor space should be like an escape, what better way to do that then to add lounge chairs. Lounge chairs are great due to how relaxing they are while appealing to the room in a bold manner. Add throw pillows to complete the calming vibe in the room.


For your fireplace, you want to make a grand gesture by having a large structure with bold decor on it.

Having a fireplace works great when you want to bring that living room feel directly to your outdoor space. You want to have a large fireplace that has a rustic touch while feeling warm and cozy. Consider having your fireplace in front of your lounge area to make the space feel almost indoor-like

Outdoor Lighting

Add string lights for a fun appeal that is charming and engaging yet provides the lighting you need.

Just because you are outdoors is bright naturally does not mean you do not need lighting. In fact, we believe outdoor lighting is twice as necessary due to the continuous changes of sunlight. With that being said, adding lanterns, draping lights, or any other light fixtures is the way to go. Hang them around to bring an airy feel to the space.

If you had to construct the backyard of your dreams, what would it look like? Share with us your thoughts below.


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