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Outdoor Furniture by Extremis – the adjustable Gargantua furniture

Made of simple materials, the Extremis Outdoor Furniture is a wonderfully flexible dining solution for the whole family. Made of galvanised steel, stainless steel and jatoba hardwood, the Extremis Outdoor Furniture is designed to be durable, comfortable and conserve materials. Featuring an ingenious adjustable bench system the Gargantua Furniture accommodates guests of all ages. The lowest level is comfortable for most adults, while the second level accommodates small adults or large children. The third level means even small children can sit properly at the table and interact with the whole family. Finally in the highest placement, the benches act as a table extension, ideal for larger parties or large buffets. At each stage the bench not only moves up, but also closer to the table ensuring even your smallest guests can reach their plates without incident. A design that embraces the beauty of functional outdoor furniture, the Extremis Gargantua Furniture makes family dining a time to communicate and bond. Extremis


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