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Energy Star Home Flanked by Pool & Pond

House by the Pond was built under the constraints of an array of environmental regulations, site requirements, solar orientation and programmic needs. Designed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects and located in Water Mill, New York, USA, the residence was conceived as a “L” with a two storey volume containing the private zones and a single storey pavilion featuring the social areas. The backyard deck and pool fills the void within the “L”. The social volume runs west to east and looks north to the pool with large sliding window glazings offering easy access for that coveted outdoor lifestyle. Through the South windows are views towards a natural pond complete with wildlife. Within the interior volume, the living and dining areas are separated by a stunning linear fireplace island raised up to a comfortable height for perching and above the open air fireplace is a suspended monolithic flue just low enough not to obstruct view lines from the living and dining zones. The horizontal striations within the suspended flu surround and fireplace base pick up the wall tones as well as the hue within the upholstery on the dining room chairs.

The pond just South of the residence is large and serine and with water views on both sides, the choice of one dramatic fireplace feature keeps the views front and centre without visual interruption while still offering excitement within the interior core.
The backyard pool is wrapped in concrete decking with a higher wood terrace just outside the social zone. The wood terrace has three stairs down to the pool deck and the middle step is outfitted with 3 recessed lights for safety as day transitions to night. The pool deck also offers access to the gym and an outdoor shower area within the private 2-storey volume.
The outdoor shower is located on the south end of the 2-storey wing and features a peak a boo view to the landscape west of the site. The shower is within an enclosed stall next to two large planters that feature drought resistant grasses.
The pool deck also has access to the stairwell that leads up to the private volume of the residence. With the large expanse of glass and the open riser structure, the stairwell is flooded with unrestricted natural light.
The Master Bedroom is on the second storey of the residence and with windows on three sides, including clear storey windows over the wardrobe, the room is not only flooded with natural light but also stunning views.
The kitchen is located on the far end of the single storey wing. Featuring both above counter window and clerestory windows, separated by a roof overhang for shade, the kitchen, while separated from the social zones is exposed to the nature views from the pond across the street.
A door from the kitchen leads out onto a covered deck for an intimate dining experience that is sheltered from the weather but exposed on three sides to the views..
The exterior of the residence is clad in cedar and cement board siding with anodized aluminum doors and windows and trim. The entry way is comprised of two glazed and pivoting doors. The entryway features two large pivoting doors made entirely of glass and the residence is designed with overhangs and sunshades to reduce the need for air conditioning during the summer months while offering solar heat gain during the winter season.
With tight zoning regulations, geothermal heating and cooling, energy efficient glazing and advanced building insulation systems, this New York residence not only met its energy star requirements, but exceeded them.
Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects
Photography by Mathew Carbone


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