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Earthquake Proof House Design in China – HHF branded home in Ordos, Inner Mongolia

Are you curious about the architect of this modern house design in China? A bird’s-eye view reveals more than just a roof. With the mark of “HHF” built right into this cool, earthquake proof house, the architect will forever be celebrated in the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Designed as part of the Ordos 100 architectural endeavor which will feature the works of 100 innovative architects to be built over the next two years, HHF House is meant as a modern structure to stand out among the rest. “Our project is making an issue out of the fact that 99 other architects are simultaneously and independently planning 99 houses with an identical program within the same master plan,” according to HHF Architects. “The outer shape of the building and the shed roof is directly developed as an embossed writing of the letters HHF, an acronym of the name of the office. This logo can only be read from the air or in the model. From the street level the writing is never readable. From the ground, the shape of the roof is just reflecting the diverse light situations and various shapes of the rooms inside the building.” The home’s framework is designed with an earthquake guarantee – every floor slab is supported separately by a concrete core and one outside wall. For added stability, the concrete stairway walls are also supporting walls. HHF Architects.



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