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Diverse Luxury Touches Within Complex Open House Design

Designed by Lassala + Elenes Arquitectos, this Mexican home sits perched on a mountainside lot, with commanding views of the geography for miles around. The home itself is almost as impressive as its surroundings, a geometric delight that expands on and enlightens a relatively small actual floor-plan. The architecture and decor of the house is complex, but it elegantly kept comfortable by organically-shaped accents and natural supplementary finishes. From the outside, this residence slowly builds upwards from the top of its outdoor deck, working in rectangles to its overall height over two tall stories. Each section has its own distinctive finish, further defining the exterior sections of the abode.
Inside, the home exudes class, filled to the brim with artistic decor pieces and even structural art. Key lighting points are bathed in warm-tone brightness, and dozens of finishes accent each room of the house. The cacophony of colors and textures all coalesces in a central square, the key point of exchange for the entire building. Inside and out, unique features and luxurious touches combine in a thorough, unparalleled design.

Along with every other element of its design, the landscaping of the house is complex and elegant, with geometrically-defined low grass bordering a plank-lined pool. Shady, substantial trees are kept on the property in an uncluttered, useful manner.
The glass borders between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the dwelling are accented by ultramodern glass awnings, giving light to every major room with creative accenting.
Each major social function of the home can be performed both indoors and out, with covered patio living and dining areas next to the large recreational pool and hot tub.
The deck structure itself is one of the single most uncommon and serenely cool features of the house, made up of pathways and platforms raised up above a shallow, sweeping basin of stone-lined water.
The orange exterior wall continues seamlessly into the living room, a space defined by visual art of both two and three dimensions. Every decor in the glass-lined room is visually exquisite, exuding luxury.
Seen on its own, the other side of the living room may trick you into looking like an entirely different area altogether. The design magic of contrasting wall colors is excellently demonstrated in this abode, even within a single room. The artistic wall panel here mimics the panel opposite it, in lighter tones.
The main staircase (just around the corner from the glass main entrance) is more unique than the popular floating style seen in many contemporary residences, formed from a single piece of dark metal. It’s a much more minimal piece than the two-story central ascension space of the home might fit, but its clean, subdued looks fit the overall style of the house well.
Accent lighting is key to bringing interior spaces to life, especially at night. These lights are hidden (as seen here) in structural furniture, ceiling slats, and a number of other conveniently discreet locations.
Being the pivotal, central space of the home, the two-story hallway/stairway square requires fittingly dramatic design and architecture to truly make a statement. A contrast in wall coverings on the outer fringes of different areas of the home is accented by the time-dependent light through deep-walled skylight sections.
Lassala + Elenes Arquitectos


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