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10 Essentials for Your Dining Room Gallery Wall

Create a focal point in your home with a well-designed gallery wall. Your dining room has the potential to be an overlooked space if you don’t pay attention to the pieces you are adding to your walls. The goal of every gallery wall is to achieve a curated or collected look. You want your pieces to be cohesive, meaningful to your family, and also placed thoughtfully.

Overall, don’t forget to be creative in the selection of your pieces and never be afraid to try a new option. Once a gallery wall is in your dining room, you can replace pieces or add new acquisitions as you encounter them. Adding a gallery wall to your home is simple when you start with these 10 essential pieces.

Every gallery wall needs a mirror to add depth and style to the wall. These mirrors from West Elm have a unique shape and design, which adds to the look of your space. In order for a gallery wall to look cohesive, it should look curated. Choose a mirror that appeals to your personal style.

An elegant gallery wall is often made up of several colors that are brought together with one piece. Choose a piece of local art (like this piece from Digeo Martinez and Tino Ortega) , a one-of-a-kind painting from family vacations, or a print of a classic piece of art to serve as your inspiration piece. This artwork does not need to be large or prominently placed to stand out, because its colors will stand out.

Using the color in your inspiration piece, you can choose simple prints to complement their appearance. In this example from Ethan Allen, simple plant drawings featuring the color green would draw the eye, but not compete with, your original piece of artwork and inspiration piece.

Add a personal touch to your wall with a monogram or a letter wall hanging. This burlap sign option from Ballard Designs has classic details. A letter is easy to add to any gallery wall while adding to the carefully curated feel of your dining room décor.

Although seemingly unconventional, a door knocker is actually a great wall accent. This gold bumblebee from Habitual Homebody is a less traditional style but you can choose with everything from a standard look to a lion’s head to a bumblebee. Try choosing a piece that matches the piece of art you use for inspiration.

To personalize your accent wall, purchase a shadow box and add a few keepsakes you’d like to show off. You can get piece like this from Pottery Barn or any other home décor store. Keeping it simple by not filling the shadow box adds to the blank space of your wall.

Another piece you can purchase for your dining room gallery wall from Pottery Barn is a simple picture frame. Purchase a few frames in case you want to add to your collection. It is recommended you get different sizes for family photos or prints.

Make a statement on your gallery wall by adding a phrase that you like to the wall. Calligraphy style writing adds a touch of elegance to the wall. Choose a favorite phrase or saying to add to your wall. This example from Woods Barn features a quote from HGTV star, Joanna Gaines.

Dimensional art adds texture to your wall without introducing an additional shape to the wall. There are nearly limitless options when it comes to dimensional art. This option from West Elm comes in a muted tone and complements every group of wall gallery pieces.

Additional details brings together a gallery wall so it is more than a group of family photos. With small or large pieces of wall décor, add elegance to your dining room. These wall plaques from Ballard Designs are an example of a classic piece which would match family photos, art, signs, and a full range of frame styles.


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