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LED Radiator by Aeon – new Speira design radiator

State of the art design, Speira LED Radiator from Avon is a show stealer – it turn heads and fascinates, and it heats the space around it. Inspired by the symmetry of a DNA strand, the Speira Radiator sculptural installation is designed to be the focal point and to heat large spaces while mounted in modern open plan rooms. “Speira is constructed from 120 individual satin finish brushed stainless steel blades sited precisely at 90 degrees to the next and curving through 180 degrees from top to bottom over the full 2,400 mm height of the design. The result of this precision engineering is an almost Escher like effect with the eye being drawn through and around the centre of the design, which appears as a continuous spiral no matter from what angle it is viewed. LED lights housed in both the top and base of Speira project a subtle laser-like effect across each blade, accentuating the effect of the apparently intertwined semi-spirals created by the precise positioning of each individual blade.” Aeon


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