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Designer Radiator by Aeon – the new hydraulic radiator Abacus

In the Abacus, distinctive forms create a lively engaging designer radiator perfect for modern wall displays or for a child’s room. Featuring several simple vertical pipes, each is adorned with sliced spheres. Available in chrome or ruby red, the Abacus’ spheres form densely packed rows at the top which gradually spread out towards the bottom. Creating a sense of movement, the spheres offer a modern graphic aspect that is lively and bright. The sphere’s distinctive layered form is engaging and enhances the both the linear bead rows as well as the repetition of the gleaming metal bars. A well rounded design of graphic style, Aeon has created a distinctive hydraulic home radiator. Buy Abacus for £612 ($1,200) – the smaller 950, the 1600 is £1022 ($2,000).


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