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Design Radiator by Thermic – new Zana Libra radiator

Today’s radiator can be more than just a utilitarian device, as demonstrated by Thermic’s new Zana Libra radiator. This revolutionary design radiator incorporates clever design elements that add aesthetic value to its functionality. It’s composed of a series of rigid rectangular tubes in a unique L-shaped configuration. It can be oriented vertically so that towels may be dried or stacked on top of it, or horizontally to make it an ideal shape for corner applications. It is available in various heights and lengths, and can be specified in an “up or down” vertical version or “left or right angle” horizontal version so that it is sure to suit your needs. This sleek and minimalist design is a great alternative to your traditional (dare I say, boring) radiator, allowing you to add a bit of flair to any bathroom space. Thermic


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