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Decorative Bathroom Faucet by Fir Italia – Playone “glamour style” faucets

The Playone “glamour style” faucets are fashionable, decorative bathroom faucets from Fir Italia. Originality and quality are two essential elements of the ethos of Fir Italia, a company that has over 50 years of experience, yet still consistently strives for innovation by offering its own new solutions to the market. The discriminating decorator will appreciate the lengths that Fir Italia goes to – creating truly unique decorative bathroom faucet designs with elegance and appeal. The Playone faucets exhibit refined style and balance combined with a smooth sweeping motion on operation. But more than that, these faucets function as art, and are able to stir an emotional response in the user. For surprising faucets with bold patterns, textures and color, contact Fir Italia.


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