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Customizable Bathroom Furniture Joyce by Villeroy and Boch

The Joyce bathroom furniture collection from Villeroy and Boch is the ultimate custom bathroom solution. With so much demand these days for individual styling – their line of interchangeable “apps” or accessories have a chameleon quality. First the soap dish was a bowl and before that it was a storage container. And it can be all of those things again. Even the deep bowl basin stopper is interchangeable as your mood changes and it comes in three colors plus white. The Joyce basins are extra deep and come with (or without if you choose) an “app” surface. The “app” surface is magnetic, and the accessories have magnetic pads on their undersides. Choose from one sink or two sinks, faucets on the left or right, different colors, different options – choice is the operative word. And it’s all hidden, sleek and operating below the surface so all you see is the wonderful ceramic bowls and “apps”. Cabinets and vanities are offered in assorted sizes (and colors) and are perfect for hiding everything inside. Everything, that is, except for your own personal style.

Choose from a variety of colors for the ceramic basin stoppers.
Yellow adds a splash of color to any room.
All the bath accessories are at your fingertips.
More information: Villeroy and Boch


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