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Creative Oceanfront Home Designed to Accommodate Flood Plane Restrictions

Located in Sagaponack, NY, Daniel’s Lane was designed to accommodate FEMA’s flood elevation building codes that require any oceanfront home’s first floor elevation to be approximately 17ft above sea level with a maximum height allowance of 40ft. Blaze Makoid Architecture took these flood plane restrictions and turned them into a feature of the home with their awe inspiring design.
Aside from the elevation restrictions any home built on the waterfront is also required to be above the Coastal Erosion Hazard Line. Because of the set backs, Blaze Makoid Architecture created an elevated walkway that leads from the backyard pool terrace down to the beach zone.

Aside from the design limitations introduced by FEMA regulations, Daniel’s Lane is also located within a high velocity (VE) wind zone and these climatic issues layered in a whole other level of structural challenges.
With all the restrictions on design, it is amazing how creatively unique Daniel’s Lane is, starting with the two-story Travertine entry facade.
A floating element next to the main entrance faced in glass and surrounded in wood holds the landing for the interior stairwell.
An Eames chair resides on the landing overlooking the front yard.
Inside the home the materials used are poured in place concrete floors, Calcutta marble and Afromosia (a Teak wood alternative) millwork.
The large open floor plan uses an open, island fireplace to define a separation between the dining and living areas.
The social zone opens directly to the poolside terrace from which the suspended bridge then leads down to the beach below.
Aside from the pool, the terrace has outdoor living and dining areas complete with a linear fireplace.
Upstairs is where three children’s bedrooms and the master suite are located, each with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.
The bathrooms have all been designed more privately than the rest of the rooms.
The walls of the shower room in the master suite are completely clad in full sheets of Calcutta marble and as if that wasn’t enough – check out that rain shower!
The wall behind the vanity is also a full sheet of Calcutta marble and rather than having the faucet of this amazing sink cut into the marble, the faucet extends down from the ceiling – wow.
On the back facade a wood surround frames the master suite and the three identical children’s bedrooms are positioned in a row next to it.
Downstairs the living room is on one end, directly below the master suite, the dining room is in the middle and the kitchen is on the far side. A layer of service spaces and a guest bedroom run parallel to the front wall, behind the social zone.
First floor plan.
Second floor plan.
Blaze Makoid Architecture.
Photography by Marc Bryan Brown.


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