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Best Tips To Create a Romantic and Relaxing Bedroom

The one area in any home that you can go wild with when it comes to your décor is your bedroom. It’s the one area where you can relax and truly embrace having time for yourself or with your loved one. Keeping that in mind, with constant use and everyday routine, you can easily become bored with your décor. Furthermore, the room can quickly become less appealing. Which is why we wanted to share some of our most beloved tips that can instantly create that sexy space once again.

Metallic Ceiling

If you don’t want to paint the entire room’s ceiling a metallic hue consider sectioning a section and painting it a metallic shade that creates a focal point directly above the bed.

Far and wide are the times we have mentioned metallic paint. Mainly due to how egocentric it can be many will say it’s not their cup of tea. However, when it comes to creating a warm bedroom that oozes sex appeal, having a metallic ceiling is the way to go. You want to ensure whatever shade you use, makes the room come to life overall.

Bold Sculptured Pieces

When in doubt, bring art pieces that bring an additional dose of character to any room

Curved pieces always bring natural sex appeal to a room, whether you realize it or not. However, the trick to truly making a room feel sexy is blending your curved items with bold sculptures. Having bold pieces that seamlessly catch the eye, will instantly reawaken your décor. Even if you don’t want to completely rearrange what you have, bringing a simple daring sculptured piece could be a world of a difference.

Add Layers

When you think of layers, colors might not be considered the ultimate approach. However, it is and mainly due to how much charm they bring. Use gem shades to truly embrace the room

Nothing brings sultry to the forefront quite like working with layers. The more layers you can bring in the grander the warmth will scream throughout. Pair with rich, dark tones to truly embrace the essence of the room overall. Weave in the darker shades with layers of bright hues such as turquoise, pink, and even white to add a brightening effect.

Keep it Relaxed

Add additional airy pieces to make the room feel as enchanting as possible without weighing it down. Work in a few plants to engage the room in general.

There is something sexy about keeping the room as minimal and relaxed as possible. Furthermore, if you have a heavy bedding, consider changing it for something lighter and more suitable for a relaxed space. A heavy bedding can make the room feel weighed down, which is the contrary of what you want to achieve. It’s all about keeping it light and airy with a touch of carefree.

Bring in Velvet

Work in a few velvet throw pillows, and pair them with a throw blanket to keep the warmth flowing throughout

Velvet is one of those materials, that is easy on the eye and feels even better when you touch it. When creating a sexy space, you want to focus on the idea of bringing soft bits into the display. Velvet allows you to do just that! By simply looking at it you can almost sense how soft and cozy it truly is. Bring in velvet throw pillows or work with a blanket to truly showcase the appeal of the room.

Consider Wallpaper

Whether you use a wallpaper with texture or just one with a sheen, you want to ensure your wallpaper is as similar to your decor as possible.

Wallpaper is one of those items that might seem unnecessary, but sometimes it could be just what you need. The key is using the right kind of wallpaper. When seeking a cozy approach bring in a wallpaper with a bit of a sheen. Yes, you read that correctly, this time around you want your wallpaper to almost take over the entire room. It’s all about creating a magical space that feels completely separated from the rest of the home. When using such wallpaper, you want to use it on all four walls. You are going for a cohesive touch this time around.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Keep your wall-to-wall carpeting as minimal as possible for the best outcome

If you live in anything but a beach house where hardwood floor is the thing to have, it’s time to invest in wall-to-wall carpeting. Bringing a carpet to the bedroom will instantly give you that warming effect. It’s almost as if it will create a sense of warmth, which once again is exactly what you want to create. Work with neutral shades when it comes to the carpet, to go as seamless as possible. Furthermore, it adds a luxurious touch.

Take Advantage of Drapery

Work with two shades of drapery for the ultimate contrasting display

There’s something about drapes that instantly makes a room feel warmer. Subsequently, you can consider drapes almost like blankets for your windows. They’re the perfect window treatments that engulf the room overall. Use lighter hues when you want the room to feel sleek and darker ones when you want to keep as much sunlight out as possible. It’s all about creating the perfect space that makes the room feel cozy from within.

Warmer Lights

Change your bulbs to warmer ones for the perfect display of coziness

Instead of having bright lights that can take the focus away from the room and what you might have in it, bring in warmer ones. Warmer light fixtures work best when they are clustered together. Therefore, you want to use two or more fixtures that are scattered through the room. Place them close to the wall to truly showcase a shade of light that makes the room feel chic and oozes coziness.

Remove, Technology

Keep the room as airy as possible for a bold, charming display

In a world that is filled with being connected to your cell phone, computer, laptop or all three, the bedroom can be the one place where you can fully disconnect. Keeping that in mind, removing most, if not all the technology out of the room can instantly give you an extra sense of peace. It will center the room while enhancing what you already have. Think of it as the perfect way to make any space feel relaxed and peaceful.

Keeping your bedroom sexy might seem like a tedious task but with these simple and easy tips you will be able to do it effortlessly. Which of these ideas are you excited to try? Share with us below.


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