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Corrugated Steel House with Warm Wood Details Throughout

SHED Architecture & Design created this awesome steel house with an angled roof, a corrugated facade and a modern, industrial feel befitting of this live work home. Home to a husband and wife pair of geologists, this striking example of Seattle architecture boasts partial views of Lake Washington, Leschi Park, and the surrounding landscape – urban and earthy. The cool steel exterior is offset with warm wood details and large picture windows that invite nature in. The kitchen is a food- and nature-lover’s haven, featuring massive wood-framed windows and a large wood table design that invites second helpings. Outdoor entertaining areas further strengthen the home’s ties to the outdoors.

This contemporary style house sits on a steep slope which is mirrored by its slanting roofline.
The home features four levels – the bottom garage level, a lower level, main floor and upper floor. Follow the hillside down to the entrance and come on in.
A large glass door welcomes residents and visitors, luring them in with sneak peeks of the interior wood details that spill in from the exterior.
This sunken living area is open yet intimate, defined and highlighted by its dropped floor. The wood slat ceiling leads the eye across the room and toward the floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking an outdoor patio and eating area.
The leather seating, a wood-burning fireplace and the colorful, traditional style rug add warmth and a “homey” aesthetic.
Past the glass, this alfresco dining area is perfect for dinners, drinks and conversations into the wee hours.
The surrounding trees and vegetation make this city spot feel like it’s a million miles away.
And the best part? You can take in the breathtaking vistas from so many vantage points – front terrace, rear terrace, rooftop deck, just take your pick.
The kitchen boasts modern polished concrete floors, warm wood cabinetry and floor-to-ceiling wood-framed windows that flood interiors with natural light and views.
The open concept layout of the kitchen and dining area really highlights the home’s architectural features from the inside.
The work area, outlined by the U-shaped countertop, is echoed by windows lining the walls around it. The chef of the house will never be short on views – and inspiration!
The windows swing open to let the fresh air, sights and sounds in. A row of clerestory windows above the upper cabinetry adds another layer of natural light flooding in from overhead.
It’s a breath of fresh air… literally.
The natural wood stairs lead up to the glazed landing which stretched up from floor to ceiling. The open rise of the stairs lets the views spill through.
The upper level features this bright office and den area, perfect for getting to down to work or kicking back on a lazy afternoon.
The bedroom boasts that same warm, earthy appeal, with its natural floors and the continuation of the home’s warm wood touches.
More windows in the bathroom – clerestory and otherwise – where the glass and mirrors make the space look and feel that much bigger.
Step out onto the rooftop to steal a few quiet moments to yourself.
Floor plans:
Site plan:
SHED Architecture & Design
via Contemporist


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