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Corner Jacuzzi Whirlpool – new Aquasoul Offset bath

The new Aquasoul Offset corner Jacuzzi whirlpool bath is a perfect space savor that still gets that modern, minimalist look. The stylish contemporary design of this sleek bath will appeal to all the senses, transforming any bath into a spa-like space. This whirlpool boasts a soft oval shape, with a versatile design that allows for freestanding or drop-in installation. The large 250-liter volume invites you to soak away the cares of the day. The Aquasoul Offset features four jet settings – Silence, Breath, Renew and Dream – with various intensities of hydromassage to envelop your body in a relaxing embrace. The remote-controlled operation adds convenience to comfort. For more information on this corner Jacuzzi whirlpool visit Jacuzzi Europe.



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