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Contemporary Home Radiator by Jaga – Iguana circular radiator serves as heated coffee table!

The Iguana contemporary home radiator from Jaga proves that practical elements can themselves be works of art. An intriguing, spiky, ring-shaped form, plus a near industrial efficiency of heat combine to create the Iguana. This circular home radiator is available in a form of 360 degrees, which crafts a wonderful, warm free-standing sculpture. It also comes in segments of lesser angles, making it just ideal for corners. Either way, a cute and useful circular or semi-circular table can be added halfway up – so that the radiator gains another agreeable function as a kind of heated coffee table! Or, if installed in your bathroom, there also is a terrific towel rail option. Whether you prefer a striking red, a classic black or a crisp white radiator, the Iguana is sure to please refined contemporary tastes. Contact Jaga for more information.



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