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Contemporary Kundig house engages site and structure

This Seattle home was designed by architect Tom Kundig – a master in his own right, and one of North America’s most recognized in the world of modern architecture. Known for engaging site and structure, the award-winning designer incorporated dramatic skylights, pivoting and sliding windows, and expansive glazed walls that summon natural light while bringing the outdoors in. Leafy trees surround the property, providing privacy and lush views. Custom siding creates a cool, contemporary facade to match an equally modern interior design, which reminds us of a black-and-white photograph come to life – a clean, minimal color palette that’s warm to the eye and invites you to explore further. Here’s the tour.

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Behind these expansive glass walls, a modern interior (true to Kundig’s signature style) blends contemporary elements with the natural to achieve a clean and earthy aesthetic, all in one.


Simple white walls are the perfect backdrop for all the modern elements on show – the verdant views, a dark dramatic fireplace, and minimal furnishings that lay low to the ground, letting the spotlight shine on the real star of the show here.


This main floor induces easy socialization and warm conversation, thanks to its lack of walls and an abundance of various smaller living spaces within this large open one.


On entering the adjoining office area, you’ll notice the ceiling disappear as you approach the floor-to-ceiling window wall, revealing a skylight that wraps the area in glass to maximize natural light and views.


Industrial-style furnishings add stylish function to this work space, adding function to fashion. This “wardrobe” piece stands tall, separating the living room from the office. When opened, you realize this is actually a mini mobile office. Behind closed doors you’ll find a desktop and lots of storage space for your computer, files, reference book and whatever else inspires you to do your best work. When you’re ready to call it quits for the day, just close the doors – out of sight, out of mind!


Echoing the industrial elements, this central closet storage area features the same steely cool finish of the fireplace.


This library / media nook is an interesting organized space that begs to be explored. Tucked into the full-wall shelf, amidst the books and trinkets on display, two windows bring in natural light and add an unexpected slice of the outdoors. Of course, the wall of windows flanking the shelf does a good job of that too.


The kitchen wraps up all the best of this home in a pretty package – windows, skylights and views, natural light, industrial-chic stainless steel work areas and appliances, and warm earthy wood floors.


Highly organized but beautifully on display, all kitchen essentials are easily on hand when you need them, out of the way when you don’t.


A half wall leads up the staircase toward a skylight topping the stairwell. An interior window overlooks an exterior window, giving a garden view to this inner area of the home, framed like art.


The bedroom invites you to escape the stress of the day, featuring a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass wall that opens onto a deck – your own private piece of the great outdoors.


The bathroom is a soothing retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Clerestory windows offer natural light and views without compromising privacy. The glass-enclosed shower creates visual space while adding another option for bathing, in addition to the deep soaker tub tucked below the window.


Outside, an intimate, irregular-shaped pool is as alluring for its unusual shape as it is for its refreshing contents. Whether you’re doing laps, lounging in the shade of the towering trees, or sunning yourself, this garden is about as close to Eden as we’d like to be!


A separate entrance concealed behind a camouflaged wall offers undercover access the home, away from prying eyes.
via Redfin


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