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Colorful Apartment Ideas from Barcelona

It’s the colorful personality of this Barcelona apartment that jumps out at you first, and that offers many interesting ideas. All kinds of lively hues coexisting harmoniously with each other and with the equally lively diversity of patterns and shapes. It would be safe to assume that this design combination may end up looking a bit chaotic, but the neutral white walls and tall ceilings of this space help to keep things in check. If you look carefully, you’ll see that all the bold colors and patterns come mainly from the decor (rugs, pillows, art…) – most of the furniture is white and neutral with the exception of a few accent pieces. You could spend quite some time absorbing all the details here. For example, it took me a little while to discover it and I don’t want you to miss it, but notice the pattern on the stairs? Upon further inspection (on the architect’s website), I realized that the only the tread holds the pattern, which is then reflected by the mirrored risers. That’s right, the risers are covered by mirror. It’s a great idea that impacts the whole room. This very interesting space was designed by Miel Architects.
via: MiCasa.



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