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Enchanting Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Seems like no holiday will ever the same this year and that includes Christmas. Many of us are accustomed to the idea of having a big dinner, filled with laughter, joy, kids running around, and lots of food. However, due to Covid 19 being on a high rise once again it’s going to be a bit different. There will be fewer people, which means you might not want to decorate as much, and you might not want to keep your Christmas spirit, but we’re here to tell you no matter who’s it with its time to set the table. The following Christmas table idea will bring cheer right to your home.

Hints of Blue

The lighter the shade of blue the grander the appeal will be. Ensure you get the most out of the room by pairing the blue with lighter hues.

Tired of the traditional shades of red, green, and hints of gold? If that is the case, you might be craving something fun and chic such as working with hues of blue and silver. The palette itself is welcoming and charming while still being extremely festive. It’s all about creating a serene space that is festive with a new color wave. Add bits of blue in multiple different hues to reawaken the room.

Unconventional & Modern

Use chic decor to make your table feel charming, pair with bits of color for a bold appeal that makes a room come to life.

Instead of having the traditional pieces we all know and love such as napkins, table runners, and more- give your table a center stage vibe by going the unconventional route. Do so by taking traditional pieces and going as modern as possible. The key is going large and in charge with a few sprinkles of smaller pieces.


Go big with your monochromatic table decor to truly emphasize how grand and fresh the room looks with an edgy touch.

For those that prefer a minimal appeal, it’s time to go for a monochromatic appeal. Having a monochromatic display is all about having your décor become the focus. Add a few branches and spread them around, you might even want to paint your branches black with hints of white. The contrast it will create will further showcase the room. Pair with an abundance of white and your display will be complete.

Napkin Rings

Work with minimal napkin rings to ensure you get the most out of your decorating style.

Napkins are essential- we use them to clean our mouths, hands, and table, however; this time around it’s all about displaying them. The simple act of adding a napkin ring will instantly dress up your table. Opt for a classy pattern that will instantly create a distinguished approach towards your plates. Place your napkin with its fancy ring on top of double plates and your display will instantly transform.

Winter Wonderland

Keep your decor feeling “rich” by adding velvet touches. Furthermore, consider using faux fur as an essential focus.

There is nothing that screams Christmas quite like creating a winter wonderland. Who doesn’t love the magical appearance of snow coating the entire ground and the trees beautifully showcasing caps of snow? Keeping that in mind, consider recreating that appeal on your table. Work with hues of white and silver and sprinkle faux snow. Doing so will create a new feel that brings the great outdoors directly inside.

Ornament Bowls

When it comes to adding ornament to a bowl, consider having as many unique balls and possible and having them showcased in any room. Use a Crystal clear bowl to create a magical approach.

When in doubt about what to use as part of your décor it’s time to take it back to the basics! That means gathering your prettiest ornaments and creating a magical bowl out of them. Use an array of colors and have them beautifully displayed one on top of the other. The idea is to have similar ones showcasing displayed together. Add a bold ribbon to the top one to complete the look overall.


Use thick garland to create a contrasting approach that is full of color and texture. Add pine cones to finish the look.

If there is one staple of Christmas that isn’t a Christmas tree, yet makes the same impact it’s a garland. Garland is bold, colorful and makes any space come to life. Use it as a table runner and pair it with simple bits to showcase the depth that it has to offer all on its own. Add a few red accents to make the room come to life with the garland being the main focus.

Earth Tones

Use a blend of neutral shades to fully showcase the appeal of the room. It’s all about using at least two darker shades and having them become the main focus.

Sometimes Christmas doesn’t always have to be the same traditional shades, sometimes it can be different and that’s where earth tones will come into play. Work with dark shades of brown, tan, suede, rust, and gray to completely transform your décor. Not everything has to have a red and white connotation.  Contemplate adding a metallic finish to some pieces to fully showcase a gradual display

Mini Wreaths

When working with mini wreaths ensure they all look the same. It has to be identical in order to create a uniform look.

The serious Christmas lover knows wreaths are a thing that makes any room feel festive. Whether it’s due to their versatility or how many different sizes they come in, you can hang it outside of your door, bring it to your room, or even have it in your kitchen. This time around, we are considering using them as part of the table, but in a mini version. It’s all about going chic with your décor and allowing your wreath to become a part of the main focus of the room. Flow your wreaths with additional bits of red and green to complete the look seamlessly.

Red Everywhere

Work with bold red hues to make sure the space feels as festive as possible. It’s all about going big and getting your holiday on.

Red is such a festive color that you can really go overboard with it and never miss a bit. It’s all about making the room feel as fresh and bold as possible. Whether you decide to display it all over your table or you decide to coordinate the most out of your room, the idea is to use as many bits of décor that are bold in red as possible. Showcase them seamlessly to ensure the table feels chic and engaging.

How will you be decorating your Christmas table? Share with us your ideas below.



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