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Casa Remota is a Prefab Dream Home in Chile

This prefab dream home, by Felipe Assadi is located in Pichicuy, Chile. It was built in the city (Santiago) and moved to the ocean view location in four hours. There, it only took six hours to build. Quite amazing when you think about it. It was shipped in four pieces of 11.5ft by just under 20ft and somehow that turns into three bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, living space – and a pantry with a washing machine! But the best thing about this prefab is that you can order it (45 days to make it) and have it installed on your property within two months. It has a shipping container shape and feel, but of course with ceiling to floor wall windows on the ocean side. That view is stupendous. And you can customize your order, of course. Soon, you’ll be able to make your home design choices online and order your dream home with the click of your mouse.

You can see your ocean view as you approach the home.
The shape is a rectangular box, with custom choices.
The glass wall makes for a spectacular view from every room.
Especially the bedroom. Imagine waking up to that!
The open social areas invite conversation. But you’d have to take your eyes off the view. And it would change with the weather, keeping you riveted long-term.
As evening creeps up, the house takes on a warm glow.
What a great spot to relax. The architect did a fantastic job incorporating so much living area into something that could be constructed so quickly. This model has a wood stove for those cooler evenings and lots of windows to maximize the view. Maybe yours would have a different layout? What would your view be?
More information: Felipe Assadi Arquitectos


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