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Cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski Takes on Facebook with His Thought Provoking Art

Pawel Kuczynski, while not a household name in the USA, has won hundreds of awards in Europe for his incredible illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues. And those comments are made with a razor-sharp tongue. A popular subject for his work – Facebook – is a real conversation starter when hung on the wall of your home. But he doesn’t stop at poking the popular social media platform. His pure artistic talent is undisputed and his work is vaguely reminiscent of the pointillism of George Seurat. But it’s deeper than that. He’s a thinking man, and he often doesn’t like what he sees. His point is often piercing. And a few of his pieces, while brilliant and still quite subtle, are too disturbing to hang in our opinion. And why is that? Because they are too true. The truth is often disturbing. And it is the responsibility of our artists and writers to tell that truth in a way that appeals to our finer senses. Our sense of justice, our sense of beauty, our sense of humanity. There’s art, and then there’s art. You don’t need anything more on a wall than a Kuczynski to really make a statement. Fashion or political.

Kuczynski’s Facebook Series

Some of the works have names that give us clues to the meaning – some are merely numbered… leaving the total meaning to your own interpretation.
Ark for the singles

Facebook check. All okay.
Watcher. You know, the person who never comments or likes. But they watch, and keep up. Sometimes, people are shy, even on Facebook.
Self explanatory, we think.
Something in your eye. We love this one.
Love. Guess he changed his mind.
This one’s not hard to get.
Available in many sizes of canvas – you can hang singles or groupings. You can even order a mural.
Confession. Isn’t this one accurate?
Facebook. Can it save us?

Other Social and Political Comments

Although his work suggests that he is also a master of words – he doesn’t tell us anything, he shows us. He allows us to make our own judgments and often to see what we believe to be true. A collection of his works – perhaps running up the wall of the stairs in a loft – would make an interesting talking piece. If you do it, mark our words. You’ll have people stopping on the stairs to read, and think.
Useful. This one really makes us think. What’s your take on it?
They are the focal point of the room.
Love – when the brain takes a break. Hmm, one might think the artist has experienced this before.
Pool. Can anyone say climate change?
Gardener. With words. Turning them into books.
Is our ship going over the edge?
This looks like a warning to us.
This one is clear to us – short term thinking at the expense of long-term planning. No?
Pinocchio’s nose. Enough said.
Propaganda. Interesting.
And you can get any of them in a mural.
Mouse. Playing mouse with the media?
Violin Inspiration. One of his more cheerful pieces.
Farm. As in he bought the farm. Time waits for no man, remember that.
This was by no means an extensive sample. Please visit Pictorem.com for more of this artist’s work. They can be purchased in many sizes and easily shipped to your door. Your piece(s) will definitely be the talk of your next dinner party. After a glass or two of wine, everyone will have thoughts as to the meaning of his pieces. And a bonus of his work – it activates the mind. Even when you’re completely alone, you won’t walk past a piece of his without thinking about it. Kuczynski – the thinking person’s art.
Available in stretched canvas, poster print, acrylic or metal print. Split canvas also available, various sizes. Or go for the wall mural.
Artist website: Pawel Kuczynski.
Buy artwork: Pictorem (tell them Trendir sent you).


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