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Brutalist Style Architecture: Exposed Pipes as a Decor Feature

We are very interested in the visual effect the exposed pipes have in this apartment as a decor feature. The apartment belongs to Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres. He was inspired by brutalist style architecture in which it is encouraged to leave functional aspects and mechanisms of a space in plain sight. This makes for an industrial design style, which is what we see here. The pipes running along the entire space are actually electrical pipes. They give a flow to the space and they almost act like wall art in themselves. Now lets talk about the apartment itself. All that concrete – walls, floors and built in furniture such as the dining table and sofa are in line with the industrialized feel that the pipes give off. Yet, it’s the finishing touches that help the space feel surprisingly cozy and unique, like the shaggy rug, the romantic chandelier, the wooden ceilings and the colorful fabric patterns. This is a modern industrial space with an eclectic flair – a highly interesting combination. See architect Guilherme Torres’s website for more information.
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