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How To Bring Christmas Cheer To Your Mantel

As the weather gets chillier it is time to begin cranking up the fireplace and enjoying a nice cup of joe with a warm, cozy blanket. Keeping that in mind, your main focus will automatically be directed toward your mantel, with Christmas being right around the corner this is the perfect time to add a warm, cheerful touch. We have put together our favorite ways to bring Christmas cheer to your mantel, make sure to take multiple ideas if you happen to have more than one.

Refined and Simple

refined and simple mantel How To Bring Christmas Cheer To Your Mantel
Keep it simple and refined by using a range of holiday bits that aren’t much to the eye from far but when seen up close captivate the eye.

While most of us love an over the top display of holiday cheer some prefer a more refined and simple approach. Which brings us to this idea of having simple bits that scream Christmas without overbearing the room. Add neutral hues with a hint of red to showcase your holiday cheer in a more casual manner.

Keep it Natural

 How To Bring Christmas Cheer To Your Mantel
Just because you want to keep it natural and minimal does not mean you need to use less decor, the key is having a balance that adds character without taking away from the room.

As stated above many enjoy a simpler touch; therefore, what better way to do this than to keep your décor natural and vibrant. Do this by having a green reef or garland as the main staple and adding in neutral bits that help enhance your décor without taking away from it completely.

Whimsical with a hint of Magic

For a whimsical mantel you want to have elements that feel like Christmas yet make you want to sit and enjoy the fireplace, the key is having balance with similar colors.

Who doesn’t love a whimsical approach to décor? There is something quite magical about having a magical display, in order to achieve this, you want to remove the heaviness of using a garland and think winter wonderland instead. Add faux snow and work with white, silver and blue hues for that hint of color that blends beautifully.

Christmas at its Best

With this idea, you want to use as much red and green hues as possible for that Christmas decor that screams traditional.

Why run away from the classic hues when you can work them in beautifully? Blend your favorite Christmas display items with rich hues of red, green, and white, consider adding signs with a bold statement such as Merry Christmas or even personal notes to your loved ones.

Holy Lights

If you do not want to add much decor consider an array of beautiful lights that showcase your Christmas decor at night.

Everything is better with great lighting! Christmas is no exception! Add different light fixtures and colors to bring a classic Christmas feel that is visually appealing and brightens up any décor you already have. You could even add pre-light décor.

Go Big or Go Home

Use larger pieces to ensure you cover as much space as possible without having to go overboard. Always remember the bigger the better.

Yes, you read that correctly! Take a big approach towards your mantel for an enviable display. We say display everything you like and add light fixtures to bring it all to life in the best way. Match different size pieces to bring it all together seamlessly and cohesively.

Rustic, Yes Please

There’s just something about rustic decor that takes your breath away while making you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Add hints of color for a personal touch.

We love the charming feel of rustic décor; therefore, it was inevitable for us not to mention it in our guide. The key to working with rustic décor is having wood elements that bring vibrancy and individuality to your décor, otherwise, you’re left with a bunch of decorative items, that makes little to no sense. Therefore, have your display together and allow the rustic appeal to come alive.


Even though you use other decor bits when working with hues of red you want the red staples to make the biggest impact in order to have the greatest outcome.

Do not forget the red! Red is vital to any holiday décor, in fact, its one of the most important colors for Christmas. Add bold hints of red to make a merry holiday touch. Keep your red décor as the main focus to perfect the look.

Keep it White

Use hints of metallic to break down the stark hues of white, you might even want to add faux know for a grander effect.

White is a top contender for us as its simple and will work with any décor you already have. Create a white display that features hints of metallic silver to bring a diverse hint to your décor without taking away from the beautiful white display you already have.

Sophisticated Beauty

Keep it rustic and soft for that warm space that feels like home every time you enter the room, consider pairing your decor with similar colors that are already used in the room.

When in doubt go the sophisticated route! This is always a win-win choice, you will have a captivating display while still being simple and put together. Furthermore, keep it simple and allow your display to be driven on being elegant and less over the top.

To conclude, your mantel should absolutely become the main focus of your living room when you’re working with holiday décor plus let’s not forget it allows you to add additional décor that did not fit your Christmas tree. Which mantel idea is your favorite?



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