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Bloom Light Pot by Designer Rob Slewe


Possibilities abound with Rob Slewe’s Bloom Light Pot. These colorful outdoor pots are an intriguing addition to your landscape. Thy can be used in so many different ways. For elegant lighting around a pool or hot tub, you place the empty Light Pots wherever there’s room. Gardeners will love these draining pots – add flowers of your choice and enjoy the florals all day – the lit pots will add another element to your arrangements. If you place a plate of glass on top of the pot, you get a romantic, lit table with all the electrical elements enclosed so no cords to trip on, or get in the way. I can’t imagine a more beautiful and unique addition to an outdoor wedding, then these lit pots. You can cover the ground in white pots and have flowers or favors to be enjoyed by all. Available in red, orange, purple, pink, mint and lime colors, to mix or match any outdoor (or indoor) decor. Buy it at Generate for $239.


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