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Beyond Exotic: The Special Tree Sideboard by JSB

An incredibly exotic sideboard, The Special Tree is part of the Beyond Memory Collection from Insidherland by JSB. It’s part of a series representing the four seasons, this piece embodying summer and all that goes with it. Three types of exotic roots are featured in their natural colors with a gleaming, high-gloss finish. The interior of the sideboard is satinwood, the base and trunks made of oxidized brushed brass. The piece has a signature stamp on one trunk and look closely inside the cabinet (above) – the glass shelves are supported by wavy branches (also brass). It’s not only the perfect piece of furniture for a modern dining area, but also a stand-alone piece of art. The wood veneer patterns are almost mystical and certainly mesmerizing. And it’s got tons of storage. A truly spectacular piece that will be presented in September 2014 at both Masion&Object Paris (Sep 5-9) and 100%Design London (Sep 17-20). Get there if you can!

The exotic trunk wood makes a mesmerizing design.
A functional sideboard that is also a piece of art.
More information: Insidherland


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