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Foyer decor ideas that are perfect for this year

“What is a foyer?” The question many might have but don’t know how to respond. A foyer is the space you walk through from the entrance of your home to the rest of your living space. Think of it as a glimpse into what your home has to offer. With that being understood, here are charming foyer decorating ideas you need in your home. There’s are here to make your home feel as expansive yet cozy as possible.

Do Not be Afraid of Color

The bolder the color the brighter and more character the room will have. It’s all about using a neutral that blends in seamlessly.

First things first, do not be afraid of playing with color. The more color you bring to the table the brighter and more personable your space will feel. Play with bold shades of yellow, orange, green, and even pink for a personalized feel that embraces the room like a warm hug. Pair it with neutrals for the perfect contrast.

Art Gallery

Go bold with your art pieces so that every time you look at it the room feels new and personal.

Due to this area being one of the very first places your guests will come across, it’s important to embrace every inch of it. Do so by bringing a gallery wall that will enhance the room while providing a space haven where you get to showcase all of your loved ones. Consider bringing in an art piece to not only enhance the room, but give it a welcoming appeal with personality and texture.

Sculptured Light

Go for a bold display when you want to get modern and chic. Consider working two fixtures and allowing the expand the rooms overall space.

The light source you use is just as, if not more important than the decor you have in the room. Keeping that in mind, consider bringing sculptures, light fixtures, and having them become the focus of the room. Whether you use one or two it’s completely up to you. The key is having a light source that makes a statement. Regardless if that is due to its size, texture or its color. You want to have as much control over it as possible. Therefore, keep the rest of the decor as minimal as possible for that bold touch that makes sense to the room.

Invest in Custom Pieces

Consider a large custom piece when you have a large space that needs something to take up a large amount of space in your foyer.

Creating a custom piece might just be what any room needs for that chic appeal. It’s all about taking what you already have an expanding on it, especially if the room requires a special touch. If you have a small nook that needs something extra consider working in a custom furniture piece such as a sofa or built-in bench. It’s all about taking the space to the next level.


If you don’t want to take over the room completely with wallpaper consider going half and having it become the kiss of charm the room needs.

One of the most-old-fashion yet effective styling tricks is adding in a wallpaper. It’s all about taking a wall and expanding on it. Whether that is done through a bold patterned wallpaper or a patterned one, you want to take that space and bring it to life. The grander the wallpaper the bigger the appeal the room will have. Consider embracing the space with a vivid hue such as orange and going from there.

Fill Negative Space

Filling the space means bringing in meaningful pieces hat enhance the room, not overcrowding it with decor. Keep it simple but full to ensure the room feels put together and charming.

Do not leave large amounts of space open. Regardless if you realize it or not, many times the foyer tends to become a “lonely” place. A space where you tend to add décor in. Which in that case you want to fill in as much décor into it as you can, the key is not going the cluttered route. It’s about taking your decorating style to the next level while adding texture that further showcases the room’s square footage.

Statement Rug

When going for a rug consider a neutral one with a statement twist. Whether that be large in scale or with color weaved in throughout.

Show restraint and personality with the use of a rug. Rugs are key to any room due to their ability to create a clear break between two spaces while still being cozy. Furthermore, having a rug allows you to add patterns and appeal to the room by taking away from any decorative pieces you might add. It enables you to make the room feel chic and engaging without having to go overboard.


Add an accent table to complete the look while making it feel as cozy as possible.

One of our favorite ways to make a room come to life while being multipurpose is to add in seating. It’s all about making one room feel as if it guides you seamlessly into another. Add a small table with two chairs to provide a reading nook for you or your guests. You could even consider the idea of adding a sofa if you truly wanted to take your décor to the next level.


For that modern vibe bring in plants of multiple different sizes and have them make a chic statement thats engaging yet easy on the eye.

If you have an older home yet want to add a modern twist the foyer is an excellent space to do so. It’s big enough to allow you to add chic pieces yet small enough that they do not overpower the room. Bring in a seat or two and allow it to make the room feel fresh every time you enter the room. Consider keeping your pieces to a minimum so the room doesn’t feel overwhelmed with new items that fresh every time.

Keep it Small

Keep your decor chic and small for a bold appeal that makes the room feel large and grander without having to go overboard.

You do not need to have 101 pieces in your foyer to have it feel personal and put together, you can easily bring a piece or two. It’s all about embracing what the room has to offer as a whole without having to overwhelm it with pieces that make more of a statement than any other item. Keeping it small, allows you to use decorative items that make sense to the room yet do not feel heavy in any aspect of it. Bring in a desk or a simple chair to further showcase what you already have.

What do you use your foyer for? Share with us your ideas below.




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