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Bathroom Design Inspiration from Jacuzzi – Morphosis bath

Bathroom Design Inspiration with the use of Jacuzzi Morphosis bath
The amazing, futuristic Morphosis bath inspired bathroom design pictured here is presented by Jacuzzi. A fascinating and unusual room, most striking of all here is the floor which incorporates two very different looks: a smooth, shiny surface cuts into the more rustic grey, wooden flooring for a paradoxical coupling. The Morphosis bathroom is a place of development, and changes happen as you move around the clearly delineated areas of the bathroom. The basin and the toilet/bidet areas are separated each by their own curved wall, which further separate the bathtub area. The Morphosis bathtub stands alone against the curved outer wall of the room, which features regularly spaced rectangular windows all around. It stands out in its gleaming whiteness against the muted colours. An interpretation of the bathroom that has a singularly strong impact: the Morphosis bath design from Jacuzzi requires a shift in your beliefs of what is really possible!


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