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Avec Moi Shower Box by KOS – two-person shower

kos avec moi showers Avec Moi Shower Box by KOS   two person shower
Whether you prefer to shower by yourself… or with a partner… the new KOS Avec Moi Shower cabin will provide the luxurious bathing experience you crave. A streamlined, ultra-modern Italian shower is spacious and welcoming to use. The generous Moi box, is 4 ½ feet wide by 3 deep by 7 ½ high, and designed for solitary showering. The Toi adds 1½ feet in width and is suitable for two. The white or black gloss lacquer finish of these lightweight aluminium shower boxes is distinctive, and gives a crisp contemporary look. Available in a free-standing, wall or corner version – a Turkish bath function, chroma therapy lights, central rain shower head, and vertical hydro-massage jets come as standard. Additional options include a radio and touch screen control. Italian design by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the Avec shower boxes exude a chic, pared-down aesthetic, and are from KOS.
kos avec moi shower detail Avec Moi Shower Box by KOS   two person shower
kos avec moi shower chromatherapy light

kos avec moi box