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Arizona Modern Design – Award Winning Arrowhead House in Scottsdale

Blending architecture and environment is Doug Edwards’ specialty. Edwards, Design Principal of Arizona based Edwards Design Group, styled Arrowhead House with a respect for the desert and an adaptive quality that thrives in the oft-harsh Scottsdale climate. This contemporary, low-profile bungalow design was recently honored in the 2008 Spirit Awards and Leading Architects, as reported by Builder News Magazine. The home’s modern, circular roof boasts an ever-expanding overhang that begins as a three-ft. ledge at the east end of the home, and grows to an expansive 27-ft. roof atop an outdoor living area at the west end, keeping the heat of the day at bay while framing the gorgeous desert sunsets. Ultimately, the success of this design, and Edwards’ others, comes down to location, location, location. “It has everything to do with it, really,” Edwards told Builder News Magazine. “I always use five different parameters when I design a house. I look at solar orientation, the view corridor – if there is one – the natural vegetation and accessibility. With this house, we really wanted to capture the panorama, with a view of the city at the bottom of the hill.” Edwards Design Group



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