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Designer Radiator from Antrax – the new Flat, Treo, VU and Tubone radiators

Bored of radiators that take over rooms without adding to the design? Antrax have created a designer radiator collection to capture your mood and style. Transforming radiators from functional blocks into artistic pieces, Antrax add character and individuality to interior designs. The Flat radiator features a structured geometric design, the rectangular panel is pierced by a line of circular holes for a refined masculine air. The Treo brings a new form to bathroom radiators, mirroring the rectangular form of the Flat, it features three large holes ideal for looping towels through. The VU in contrast features an asymmetrical artistic form with the beauty of a modern sculpture. Finally the Tubone designer radiator embraces a simple tubular design reminiscent of traditional radiators. The tall metal loops offer a repetition of shape and form for an unobtrusive industrial design. With a wide array of radiator designs, Antrax offers unique and distinctive designs to accent contemporary interiors.


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