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2 Irregolare Suspension Lights With 2 Stories to Tell

2 suspension lights 2 stories to tell 1 vidon thumb 630x630 28887 2 Irregolare Suspension Lights With 2 Stories to Tell

The simple silhouette and colour palette of Vidon lights disguise a complex story of history and culture. The word “vidon” actually means “big screw” in the Friuli language – a language with its heritage in the Fruili region of northeastern Italy – and Vidon is the visual interpretation of the screw used in the press machines that turn grapes into wine – also used that region. Unlike the press machine, these screws are made from ceramic and boast the brilliant shades of black, white and yellow. To further enhance the modernist lines of the lamp, the textile chords used to suspend the lights are colour matched to the ceramic screw. It is hard to believe that designers Enrico Zanolla & Irregolare where able to convey so much within such a simple silhouette, but they managed to do just that, and the story glows brightly onwards.

2 suspension lights 2 stories to tell 2 mienai suspension thumb 630x630 28889 2 Irregolare Suspension Lights With 2 Stories to Tell

The Mienai Suspension light takes its name “Mienai” from the Japanese word “hidden” and is itself a hidden tribute to the country that inspired the product. Designer Enrico Zanolla was travelling in Japan when his imagination took hold and the Mienai Suspension Lamp took shape. The contrast between the steel circular rim, convex wood surround and soft glow of the hidden light source was a concept that stayed with him until back home where he collaborated with Irregolare to create the finished product seen here. The soft glow of the LED lights within makes this an ideal fixture for over any dining space whether residential or commercial and the clean lined silhouette is the perfect foil in either a modern, industrial, rustic or country setting.


A row of Vidon’s suspended over a kitchen bar would create the perfect statement without interrupting view lines to and fro. Layering in a glass vase full of daffodils on a crisp white solid surface counter surrounded by natural mid tone cabinetry would be stunning. Another visual that comes to mind is a bedroom styled with a dark walnut side table on one side with a Vidon casually suspended over it. The bold choice of yellow repeated in the bed linens and a bold contrasting chair pulled up to a trestle desk on the other side of the bed – awesome for a guestroom.


The Vidon is designed to be used with any E27 bulb and the cables come in 1.8m and 5m lengths, making them ideal for apartments that don’t have enough ceiling fixtures. Simply plug one in and reach for the stars. The gentle upward, then downward swag creates the perfect frame for any accent chair or full-length mirror.


The Mienai Suspension light is made from steel and lacquered MDF and uses an LED light source. Through its soft luminous flux a soft and wide flood of light is created that eliminates harsh shadows, allowing the intricacies of any vignette below to shine. The LED light source reduces maintenance by about 5x and the 40 or 60cm suspension cables make the Mienai Suspension light ideal for any ceiling height.



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