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Contemporary Urban Rooftop Garden Design


A collaborative effort between Simon Morray-Jones Architects, Clair Strong Interior Styling and UK-based BlueSky Landscapes, this garden is a little piece of green heaven topping a two-storey urban apartment. Contemporary in style, this rooftop garden is an extension of the modern interiors. Fitting to its urban environment, this garden houses low-maintenance plants ideal for the homeowners with a busy lifestyle, so when they’re not around to take care of their plants, they take care of themselves. This chic entertaining and relaxing garden incorporates a food prep space and a dining areas framed by a low box hedge, offering structure and privacy. Green and white plants make up the predominant color palette in this simple yet striking garden. BlueSky Landscapes.

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24 Dec 2009 | Rooftop Terraces

Modern Terrace Garden at Greenwich Penthouse in New York, NY - a design that highlights seasonal changes

At this Greenwich Village penthouse in New York, renovations didn’t end at the back door. Together with Rogers Marvel Architects, Dirtworks PC Landscape Architecture firm created a modern terrace garden to pull the contemporary feeling from inside all the way outside. Clean lines rule here and the minimal approach to landscaping create an ultra modern and chic look to this rooftop terrace garden project. Textures abound with smooth, round stones bordering the house, while linear shapes make up the hardwood walkway underfoot. Shrubs allow minimal maintenance while bright yellow potted flowers inspire color and nature in this backyard palace. The different greeneries create an eclectic feel to the penthouse surroundings and contrast the city backdrop. An ivy-covered steel trellis and lounge furniture set the ambiance for a peaceful and rest-filled retreat.



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20 Aug 2008 | Rooftop Terraces

Unfolding Rooftop Terrace in Brooklyn, New York - an urban roofscape spectacle by landscape architect Terrain-NYC Inc.


Terrain-NYC Inc. successfully created an urban roofscape in Brooklyn, the Unfolding Terrace, and what a site (and sight) to be seen. This rooftop terrace is a unique and modern complement to the industrial surroundings of the city. The unfolding sections of deck guide you across the roof allowing different bird’s eye views of the city below. Folding sections hide unsightly vents and bulkheads of rooftop space as well as provide storage space. Different levels of the terrace are lit up for emphases on the interchanging levels as well as add continuity to the placement of lights along the rooftop. This enclave is a gem in the city, allowing nature to unfold in this ASLA award-winning Brooklyn rooftop.


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19 Aug 2008 | Rooftop Terraces

Contemporary Rooftop Landscaping Design from H20 Designs


H20 Designs offers supreme contemporary design and the ultimate indulgence in rooftop landscaping. These elegant and sophisticated rooftops are perfect for a quiet evening spent in a hot tub, or a supreme setting for a cocktail party. Garden boxes containing lush greeneries and trees provide just enough vegetation while keeping maintenance to a minimal. Rich hardwood and stone tiles lie under your feet, allowing even your toes to indulge in luxury. The lit waterfalls create an atmosphere that encourages its viewers to slow down their pace and to take life as it comes. H20 Designs’ eco-conscious builders have created water systems that recycle rainwater and conserve energy while providing landscaping elements found no where else. Head to the rooftop for the ultimate experience.


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4 Aug 2008 | Rooftop Terraces

Roof Terrace Garden Design by Amir Schlezinger - Contemporary Terraces in London


Geometry shapes this contemporary roof terrace, Tempus Warf, by landscape designer Amir Schlezinger. As you sit outside watching the sunset, you can relax knowing you’re in a space created just for you, with your ideas and wishes in mind. To Schlezinger, liveable and social spaces are key. How can you not enjoy a roof terrace garden complete with hardwood planks, a stonewall, and specifically placed plants in order to gravitate you to the best possible views of the city? This roof is contemporary with the bold shapes of the planters, the long lines of the hardwood, but it is also classic and easy to maintain design. Evenings are lit up by the warm yellow lights hidden under the planters – relax on a peaceful roof terrace by MyLandscapes garden design.


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1 Aug 2008 | Rooftop Terraces

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