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When building your new home, a solution to saving some trees around the house and also enjoying the conveniences of modern outdoor decking is this wood deck design idea from Anderson and Anderson architects. An interesting idea for all nature lovers who like having trees around. If you choose to go with the outdoor wood deck then it can be carefully cut out to follow the shape of a tree trunk. Surely, multiple cut-outs can be made to embrace several trees. Afterwords, why not try decorating with river stones and allowing grass to grow up in that place? A great variety of other plants can be planted around the wood deck designed this way. You will get a modern look for your backyard, and also choose a environment-friendly solution. Who would have thought keeping trees safe through simple deck designs can be so easy? Anderson and Anderson.

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15 Mar 2009 | Outdoor Decking

Modern Deck Design Ideas - Great Escape by Kelly Deck Designs


Kelly Deck Designs offers unique inspiration when it comes to modern deck design ideas. Their Great Escape concept was featured on the 2008 Interior Design Show West where it was received with rave reviews. This interactive concept utilizes several interesting products to "form one truly unique" deck design. Innovative and modern ideas, mixed with a Prefab Shed Kit unit by Modern-Shed, a deck by Trex, a fireplace, a kitchen, bath features and landscaping created The Great Escape, an outdoor modern deck and an open-concept living space. The neutrals of the outdoor area complement and accent the bold, bright whites of the shed. The team at Kelly Deck Designs are full of ideas for vibrant rooms and landscaping allowing homeowners a space of their own that has their personality written all over it. For a look of some of the stunning atmospheres that they have created, visit Kelly Deck Designs.

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29 Sep 2008 | Outdoor Decking

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