Unique Prefab Design Surprises with Understated Exterior, Ultra-Modern Interior

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Carrying a quiet presence among its magnificent Australian countryside setting, the Glenburn House by architect Sean Godsell might even be called “simple,” “straightforward” or “uncomplicated” on passing, but don’t be taken. On entrance, this contemporary prefab design welcomes guests with a world of advanced luxuries and a mix of modernist and industrial style, both unexpected and unimagined from the understated exterior. A number of innovative technologies enhance home comforts while minimizing environmental impact, such as the surrounding hillside that actually shields the house from the sun; double-glazed windows to passively control interior climate; a solar-panel-powered water heating system; and a rainwater recycling system. These components are wrapped in a flexible “skin” that offers insulation without obstructing the view. Sean Godsell
via Inhabitat via Archdaily
Photo credits: Earl Carter & Sean Godsell







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Posted on August 20, 2008 1:52 PM
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