Modern Prefab House 'Chameleon' Changes with The Seasons!

It’s the unassuming quality of this modern prefab house that makes it stand out most! Overlooking Lake Michigan, Chameleon House by Anderson Anderson Architecture is a simple structure with a strong vertical presence, rising amid rolling hills and agricultural landscape. Clad in galvanized metal and wrapped in a skirting wall of recycled translucent polyethelene slats, this contemporary house boasts the benefits of blending with its surroundings and the changing seasons, hence its name. “The translucent polyethylene material set out over the dully reflective wall cladding is chosen for its ability to gather the light and color of its landscape, dissolving the finely shadowed and inexplicably haloed structure into the seasonal color cycle of snow and ice and black twig tracery; pale pink blossom clouds; pollen green leaf and grass; golden straw and vivid foliage,” according to Anderson Anderson Architecture.








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Posted on March 9, 2009 12:35 PM


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