40 Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Christmas is synonymous with festivities, feasts, and full bellies! This is the time for indulgences and as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So whip up something extra special on Christmas morning and make a marvelous meal that's really worth waking up for! Here are 40 Christmas breakfast ideas inspired by traditional Christmas-time fare. Add elements of gingerbread, cinnamon and spice, eggnog and candy canes to your pancakes, waffles, donuts, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls and French toast, and wash it all down with a winter-themed drink. These mouth-watering meal ideas will give the Christmas turkey a run for its money!

Who doesn't love a heaping stack of pancakes? This classic breakfast item gets a holiday makeover with these delicious dishes inspired by Rudolf, snowmen, Christmas trees, and Santa himself! Get creative - pour different sized and shaped flapjacks and arrange them in your theme of choice. Here are some ideas that will have them coming back for seconds, and thirds...

Rudolf Pancakes


More Rudolph Pancakes - Reindeer Chow, red nose and all!


Santa Stacks


Ho, ho ho-ly cow these are good!


Inspired by Gingerbread Flapjacks


... and Made of Gingerbread Flapjacks


Red and White Pancakes


Candy-Cane-Chocolate-Chip Pancake Perfection


Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze


An Army of Snowmen
That's right, these cute little guys are in a category all their own!

Snowman Stack #1


Snowman Stack #2


Snowman Stack #3


Snowman Stack #4


Pancake Wreath


Pancake Christmas Tree


Cinnamon Rolls
Ooey, gooey, and oozing with cinnamon sugar goodness, the cinnamon roll will always have a special place at the top of the Christmas morning menu. Spice up breakfast this year (aside from the cinnamon itself!) with this festive spin on the classic roll, simple and sweet, or all decked out with Christmas spirit.

Traditional Cinnamon Rolls - Why mess with perfection?


Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree


Snow-Covered Cinnamon Buns


Will wassail for waffles
Here we come a-waffling ... Isn't that how the song goes? On second thought, though the lyrics to this traditional Christmas carol refer to "wassailing," this little-used word will completely drop from your vocabulary after a taste of these Christmas-themed waffles. Bring on the waffle-ing - you'll be singing their praises, they're that good!

Tasty Tannenbaums


"Berry Tasty" Tree Waffles


Mmmmmm... Donuts
Teetering dangerously between dessert and breakfast, the donut makes a welcome appearance at the Christmas breakfast table in true holiday fashion! Stacked in a croquembouche-inspired Christmas tree, skewered, or donning adorable little faces - the cuter, the tastier! Treat yourself to these yummy yuletide one-bite indulgences. After all, you've been good all year, right?

Donut Topiary


Powdered Donut Christmas Tree


Frosted Frosty Donuts


Donut Polar Bears


Donut Kabobs


Fruit - nature's candy!
A merry medley of red strawberries, green grapes and golden cantaloupe will bring festive colors and sweet flavors to your Christmas morning meal. Showcase nature's candy in its natural form, or transform it into a cheerful centerpiece for the breakfast table. There's still time to get into Santa's good book with this healthy, sweet treat that is good for you.

Fruit Tree


Strawberry Santas


Fruit in Candy Cane Form


French Toast and Bakes
French toast and bakes are definitely worth setting an alarm for - even on a holiday! These versatile breakfast favorites can incorporate any flavor, spice or fruit; they can be stuffed or sauced; even stacked or arranged in a Christmas motif. Forget sleeping in, you don't want to miss out on these delicious dishes!

Red and Green French Toast


Eggnog French Toast Bake


Christmas Tree Toast


Candied Christmas Tree Toast


Monkey Bread with Bourbon


Apple Spice Muffins


Cheers to these delicious drinks!
Sip, savor, and toast these cheerful Christmas morning beverages. A great way to wash down your Santa pancakes and evergreen waffles, these drinks are sure to impress the little ones, and the big kids at heart. They're like Christmas in a glass!

North Pole Milk Bottles


Sip-able Snowman


Steaming cup o' Christmas


... And more!
Apart from classic breakfast cuisine, this is a great time to let your inner child out, get creative and have fun with Christmas themes, flavors and wishes! Brownies for breakfast? Why not! Ice cream? Of course! Get creative, elegant, unconventional, inspired! After all, Christmas comes but once a year...

Candy Cane, Brownie and Ice Cream Dream


Santa Sandwich


Eggnog Christmas Creams


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Posted on December 24, 2012 1:31 PM


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