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Washbasins from Kanera - Kanera 1D and 1H with Smooth Surfaces

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The flowing, undulating forms of the Kanera 1D and 1H washbasins is a signature style of Kanera. The irregular shapes have an organic charm, reminiscent of an ever-changing glacier. Rendered in cool white porcelain, the sinks have a calming effect on the user. Kanera 1D is suitable for two faucets, both utilising the same dipped space. Aesthetic and practical – this detail will be most appreciated by those with young children. The 1H washbasin has a prominent mount on which to locate the faucet – another intriguing design. The Kanera 1D and 1H vessels look fabulous as water gushes over their perfect finishes – and they are the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom!

Check out the sensual Kanera 1E from the Trendir archives…





Posted in Sinks Vessels on November 6, 2008 6:30 PM

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