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Life Size Lamps by Bizzotto

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These surprising, human-like, life size lamps by Bizzotto can be described as an artistic statement or a bold design choice, as it seems they may have been inspired by the surrealist art movement. But either way, they will make a big impact visually and emotionally in any space they inhabit. Unusually decorative, these are unique standing lamps best suited to make a dramatic presence in a minimal modern interior. One lamp displays a life size man casually sitting on two stacked suitcases as though he is patiently in transit. The other is in the shape of a woman who seems to exude a certain confidence. Both with oversized lampshades in lieu of heads. Very interesting. Visit Bizzotto for more info.


Posted in Floor Lamps on September 27, 2011 10:10 PM

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  • Views: 370
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What is the cost of the 'sitting male' lamp? Is it available in Canada? Or... do you ship to Canada?

Please tell me how to purchase one of these lamps

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