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Decorative Glass Door for kitchen or dining room by Bartels

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This decorative glass door by Bartels Doors certainly has a handle on style! The Culinaria collection of doors for the kitchen and dining room will infuse some spice into your decor with their contemporary look and multi-lingual food-themed inscriptions like "Souffle," "Salz & Pfeffer," "Balsamico" and "Herbs de Provence" - yum! The text is artfully sandblasted into the glass, which comes in clear, for a see-through view perfect for small spaces, or a frosted glass finish - an ideal addition that conceals your culinary workspace while hosting a dinner party. Your guests will never see you break a sweat! The decorative doors come with customizable handles, hinges, frames and sizes suited to any space. For more information visit Bartels Doors.




Posted in Windows Doors on September 21, 2011 3:09 PM

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  • Views: 27

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