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Artistic Ceiling Lamps by MGX - Minishakes lights


Splash up your home with these artistic ceiling lamps by Aric Levy and MGX. The Minishakes pendant lights feature dual surfaces that create layers of light and a “space within a space,” capturing light from outside and in. Suspended above your dining or kitchen table, breakfast bar or desk, these ceiling lamps are what we like to call “overhead art.” Hanging solo, in a clean row, or staggered in a group, they make a fab focal point. Available in a dramatic Black and rich Havannah color. Minishakes is inspired by Levy’s earlier, bigger Handshake design – a special edition that’s part of the permanent collection on display at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Minishakes artistic lamps come in single and triplet pendants, as well as in table, floor and chandelier designs. Find more information online at MGX.