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Faux Fur Furniture from Baxter by Paola Navone: Nepal


This furniture truly makes a statement. Available in Mongolia Blue or White, this line is designed for Baxter by Paola Navone and dubbed Nepal. The remarkable faux fur covering looks just like Mongolian sheep fur - how do they do that? This furniture has such incredible presence. Even just one piece would make a wonderful focus piece for an otherwise tame room. Or can you imagine several white pieces grouped in an all white room? Or one outstanding Mongolia Blue piece amidst a pure white decor? Although there's a slight retro feel (remember the Tibetan goat rugs of the 70s?), these pieces are pure modern design. The frame is metal, with stove-enamel finish. The seats are is birch plywood and the backs are curved birch plywood. The upholstery is foam padding covered in fibre acrylic. Well made and well designed - this faux fur furniture will give new life to any room in your house.


The faux fur is so realistic looking!


Can't you just imagine snuggling up in one of these?


Nepal by Baxter will enliven any room you place it in!


The look is so savage - yet so refined.


More information: Baxter

Posted in Furniture on June 5, 2014 8:08 AM

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